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Quality treatments and exceptional client focus.

At the Munich Airport Clinic we aim high!

We extend a warm welcome from the team at the Munich Airport Clinic. Our clinic comprises the Munich AirportClinic GmbH for privately insured and self-paying patients, as well as the MediCare Flughafen München Medizinisches Zentrum GmbH for publicly insured patients. 
Situated in Terminal 1 of Munich Airport, our competent staff, state-of-the-art healthcare technology, and comfortable facilities enable us to provide exceptional healthcare for all individuals.

Under the umbrella of the Munich Airport Clinic, we take pride in providing our patients with medical expertise and impeccable care, whether it pertains to orthopedic, plastic, or aesthetic surgery. Our dedicated team of experienced doctors and nurses ensures seamless care from your arrival at our clinics to the postoperative phase.

Our Munich hospital spells your well-being with capital letters! 

Ein hell erleuchteter Raum mit gemütlichen Möbeln.
Ärzte stehen in einem Operationssaal.
Ein vollausgestattetes medizinisches Labor.
Ein Krankenhauszimmer mit Blick auf ein Flugzeug.
Schöne Möbel stehen auf einem Holzboden.
Rettungswagen stehen am Münchner Flughafen.
Ein Gang in einem Krankenhaus.
Ein Wartebereich in einem Krankenhaus.
Ein Empfang in einem Krankenhaus mit der Aufschrift
Ein Krankenhauszimmer mit Blick auf den Flughafen.

Traveler's Health in Munich

Take off without any worry! Thanks to our WHO-certified vaccination center in the emergency department at Munich Airport, we can provide personalized medical advice and treatment regarding vaccinations, thrombosis prophylaxis, and for travel with illnesses or during pregnancy. Learn how we can best prepare you before your next departure. 

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In best hands -

thanks to devoted Munich Airport Clinic team

Whether publicly insured or self-paying, our team in our Munich clinics is not only well-educated but also internationally trained to provide exceptional service to our German and international patients. 
We aim to approach each patient with openness and cater to both physical and emotional needs to the best of our ability. We understand that trust, competence, and individualized care create the ideal environment for prompt and sustained recovery.