Munich Airport Clinic

The Munich Airport Clinic

Public and private healthcare facility under one roof

Excellent medical care for all

We prioritize ensuring that our patients feel well taken care of, regardless of whether they are publicly or privately insured. Operating under the umbrella brand of the Munich Airport Clinic, our team comprises two privately owned hospitals, Munich AirportClinic GmbH and Medicare Flughafen München Medizinisches Zentrum GmbH, as well as the emergency department at Munich Airport. Together, we form a professional alliance dedicated to providing outstanding healthcare services. 
With renowned specialists, state-of-the-art medical technology, and comfortable facilities, we deliver surgical procedures and medical care at the highest level to our patients.

Alongside our experienced doctors, our dedicated healthcare and nursing staff are available around the clock, ensuring that your health needs are met. Our expertise covers a wide range of specialist areas:

  • Orthopedics at the Munich Airport Clinic
  • Plastic and aesthetic surgery at the Munich Airport Clinic
  • Anesthesia at the Munich Airport Clinic

Get to know our clinics within the Munich Airport Clinic: Get to know our clinics within the Munich Airport Clinic:

To the health insurance clinic
Medicare Flughafen München Medizinsches Zentrum GmbH

To the private clinic
Munich AirportClinic GmbH

To the emergency room
Medicare Flughafen München Medizinsches Zentrum GmbH

Information about the facilities at the Munich Airport Clinic

Ärzte während einer Operation.

The Munich Airport Clinic has two operating rooms and six recovery room beds. Throughout your stay in the operating room, you will be cared for by one of our experienced anesthesia and surgical teams. From the transfer to the operating area, individual induction of anesthesia, monitoring of breathing, heart, and circulatory function during the procedure, to subsequent care in the recovery room.

Our anesthesiologists, surgeons, and specialized nursing staff work together harmoniously to ensure the best possible medical care. In addition to providing treatment in German, our team is capable of attending to our patients in other languages.

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